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How Do You Install Tree Root Control Barriers? Is it Hard to Install Root Barrier Products?

When you have put time, energy, and money into designing a hardscape installation, the last thing you want to see is your hard work destroyed. Especially, if the damage comes from a threat that could have very likely been prevented. Trees are often a very desirable part of your hardscape plan. Trees provide shade for other plants, people, and sometimes, structures. Of course, they look nice too! However, along with the many benefits that trees bring to your overall landscape and hardscape design, they bring a big threat too. Over time, if the roots of trees are allowed to grow unmanaged or unchecked, they can overgrow to the point where they damage elements of the hardscape such as sidewalks, irrigation,...

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Installing Root Barrier Products Quickly and Easily with Sidewalk Shield

Sidewalk Shield is a market-changing, revolutionary product designed to be installed easily by pros and amateurs alike, for the containment and managed growth of planted tree root systems. If installed correctly, Sidewalk Shield is a tree root barrier that helps to prevent damage to the surrounding hardscape and landscape from tree roots that grow unchecked, often uplifting sidewalks and uprooting gardens. Before we talk about installing Sidewalk Shield quickly and easily, let’s go a little more in-depth about the basics. What are the Advantages of Installing a Root Barrier for Trees When Planning a Landscape or Hardscape? If you plant trees and/or bushes with large root systems near or against sidewalks and other landscaping, those unruly root systems can be...

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