Tree Root Barrier - 36 inch - Heavy Duty
Shows how invasive tree roots can be without root barriers installed like Sidewalk Shield
Installation method 1 - Surround a single tree with the tree root barrier
Installation method 2 - Install tree root barrier around multiple trees for a larger growing area.
Tree Root Barrier - 36 inch - Heavy Duty

Tree Root Barrier - 36 inch - Heavy Duty

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Plan before you plant. Planning and installing Sidewalk Shield can avoid costly replacement of sidewalks, roads, driveways, septic systems, etc.

Over time, tree roots can expand and cause significant damage to roads, driveways and sidewalks. Tree roots can also interfere with septic lines and cause drainage issues too. Sidewalk Shield is specifically design to force tree roots downwards. The downward growth helps to prevent the upheaval of roads and sidewalks by redirecting surface and lateral roots that undermine these structures. Species of tree, climate zone, soil composition and water are just some of the elements effecting how tree roots will expand. Tree root growth is unpredictable and generally opportunistic in growth patterns without regard for surrounding structures.

Using Sidewalk Shield provides decisive direction for root growth. This allows the tree greater long-term health and allows for longevity of sidewalk and roads in adjacent areas. In addition, uplifted sidewalk and driveways can cause serious tripping hazards that can become liability issues. Installation of Sidewalk Shield directs the tree roots in a downward fashion to protect sidewalks, roads, trees, and ultimately people. Installation: Locate and confirm the locations of all underground utility lines and structures prior to starting any excavation area.

Sidewalk Shield should only be used on new or young plantings. The shield can be utilized on young plantings if it can be installed without disrupting existing root growth. There are two basic type of tree pits. Surround pits are smaller tree pits used to enclose a single tree. Linear or continuous pits are longer pits design to contain multiple trees and a larger green space. Tree pits should be as large as possible to allow for ample growing space for tree roots and continuous tree pits is advantageous whenever possible.

Water diversion application. Utilizing Sidewalk Shield, crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), offers an innovative solution for urban water management challenges. Being impervious to water, this durable shield acts as an underground barrier, effectively diverting excess water and safeguarding foundational structures from potential water damage. Its HDPE construction ensures resilience against water seepage, making it a reliable choice for areas prone to waterlogging or uncontrolled water flow.

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