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Plastic Root Barrier Options: Are They All the Same?

Are all plastic root barrier products the same? Tree root barriers serve an important role when you are designing and installing a hardscape. Uncontrolled tree root growth can become unwieldy, causing sidewalks and other hardscape elements to be pushed up from below. Unfortunately, this usually means all the work (and money!) You put into your landscape infrastructure to be uprooted and destroyed over time, too. The good news is that this doesn’t have to happen. Your hardscape — and your wallet — don’t have to be at the mercy of a tree root system’s natural growth or innate growth patterns. Tree root barriers help guide and manage the direction and path that tree root growth will take as the tree...

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Barrier Systems: How to Manage Tree Roots and Your Options for Protecting Your Hardscape and Landscape Work

When you have put your time, energy, heart, soul, and MONEY into designing and installing the perfect hardscape and landscape creation, the last thing you want is to see it all destroyed by something you could have prevented. All-too-often such destruction comes from tree roots that have grown wildly and unrestricted, eventually causing sidewalks to rise up, other landscape features to be strangled, and even interfering with irrigation and lighting. How or why does unchecked tree root growth create problems with landscape and hardscape designs and installations? No doubt… trees are a delightful addition to most hardscape and landscape plans. Not only do trees look good, they also provide shade for other plants and flowers, and even for seating such...

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Looking for a Cheap Root Barrier? There are Options!

When you’ve spent time, money, and energy on designing your hardscape, the last thing you want is to see it destroyed. However, if you don’t adequately prepare, you might find that happen when tree root systems grow unchecked. In fact, without a root barrier, tree root networks can often expand out and upward haphazardly. Species of tree, climate zone, soil composition and water are just some of the elements effecting how tree roots will expand. Tree root growth is unpredictable and generally opportunistic in growth patterns without regard for surrounding structures. The result being significant damage such as the uprooting of sidewalks and driveways, as well as possibly damaging other elements of your hardscape infrastructure such as irrigation, septic, and...

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