Looking for a Cheap Root Barrier? There are Options!

When you’ve spent time, money, and energy on designing your hardscape, the last thing you want is to see it destroyed. However, if you don’t adequately prepare, you might find that happen when tree root systems grow unchecked.

In fact, without a root barrier, tree root networks can often expand out and upward haphazardly.

Species of tree, climate zone, soil composition and water are just some of the elements effecting how tree roots will expand. Tree root growth is unpredictable and generally opportunistic in growth patterns without regard for surrounding structures.

The result being significant damage such as the uprooting of sidewalks and driveways, as well as possibly damaging other elements of your hardscape infrastructure such as irrigation, septic, and lighting! In addition, uplifted sidewalk and driveways can cause serious tripping hazards that can become liability issues.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however.

Deep root barriers help to control tree root system growth in a desired — rather than random — manner.

Furthermore, root barrier options aren’t that expensive compared to the potentially monetary loss incurred if the above scenario comes to pass.

Are you looking for a cheap root barrier? There are options!

One of the easiest deep root barrier products to install is Sidewalk Shield.

Sidewalk Shield is a proprietary-branded product made of high-quality, recycled, HDPE plastic. It’s an extremely durable root barrier product as well, lasting multiple decades underground when properly installed.

Using Sidewalk Shield provides decisive direction for root growth. Sidewalk Shield is specifically designed and installed to force tree roots downwards. The downward growth helps to prevent the upheaval that erratic root systems can cause to roads and sidewalks, as well as safeguard against harm to other infrastructure. This allows the tree greater long-term health and allows for longevity of sidewalk and roads in adjacent areas. Of course, it’s safer for foot traffic — helping to protect your liability — too.

Installing Sidewalk Shield as a deep root barrier is easy, but it does require proper hardscape installation planning.

Sidewalk Shield must generally be installed into the ground before trees are planted. Alternately, it can be integrated when trees are young/immature so that Sidewalk Shield can be placed deep enough into the ground to surround the root systems, without harming them.

Again, the first key to proper installation of a deep root barrier including Sidewalk Shield, is depth into the ground and width should encompass the entire tree umbrella.

The second key is choosing the proper type of tree pit for your project. There are two basic type of tree pits. Surround pits are smaller tree pits used to enclose a single tree. Linear or continuous pits are longer pits design to contain multiple trees and a larger green space. Tree pits should be as large as possible to allow for ample growing space for tree roots and continuous tree pits is advantageous whenever possible.

Here are some of the specifications of Sidewalk Shield:

  • 30-inch Depth x 2 mm Thickness
  • Protects sidewalks, roads, driveways, septic systems, and more from costly tree root damage.
  • Standard Duty 80 Mil thickness is effective for small to medium sized trees.
  • 155 lbs of puncture resistance. (ASTM D 4833 Lab Testing)
  • Made in the USA from recycled high-density polyethylene.

Think Sidewalk Shield might be perfect for your project? Learn more about Sidewalk Shield at https://sidewalkshield.com.

Download a full specification for Sidewalk Shield.

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