A Root Barrier That Really Works to Protect Sidewalks and Is Affordable Too? Meet Sidewalk Shield.

Imagine… you’ve created the perfect hardscape and landscape design only to find one day that the root system of one of your beautiful trees has busted up through the sidewalk. Upon further inspection, you also realize this tree’s massive root system has wrapped around the pipes of the underground irrigation system and a large expanse is going to need to be replaced. And you can’t even begin to worry about all the grass and plants and flowers you’ll lose repairing this mess.

This scenario probably doesn’t sound like too much fun. Yet, it’s not out of the realm of possibility at all if you have not adequately pre-planned for the growth of the deep root systems of the trees in your design. 

In any such hardscape and landscape plan, trees can be one of the most challenging aspects. Trees have large root systems. Species of tree, climate zone, soil composition and water are just some of the elements effecting how tree roots will expand.

Tree root growth is unpredictable and generally opportunistic in growth patterns without regard for surrounding structures. Thus, as the tree roots grow, they can expand unpredictably, lifting up or disrupting sidewalk and curb design or even invading other parts of your installed infrastructure, such as septic, irrigation, and/or lighting systems. Unchecked tree roots can also break through and uproot your carefully-designed landscape elements.

How Sidewalk Shield - A Deep Root Barrier - Helps Prevent Hardscape and Landscape Damage

The good news is that deep root barriers can help prevent trees from wrecking such havoc.

Sidewalk Shield is a deep root barrier that is specifically design to force tree roots downwards. Guiding the tree roots downward helps prevent damage to hardscape and landscaping by redirecting surface and lateral roots that undermine these structures. When Sidewalk Shield is used to direct root growth, it allows the tree greater long-term health was well.

How Does Sidewalk Shield Work?

Using Sidewalk Shield provides decisive direction for root growth when used on new or young plantings. Thus, it should be integrated into your initial schema and design for best results. Or at least, when tree roots are still newly developing if it can be installed without disrupting the existing or current root growth.

Sidewalk Shield can be used with two basic types of tree pits:

  • Surround pits are the smaller of the two types and is basically, the “surround” of a single tree.
  • Linear pits - or continuous pits - are longer pits designed to contain multiple trees and a larger green space.

Tree pits should be as large as possible to provide ample growing space for tree roots and continuous tree pits are advantageous whenever possible.

Why Sidewalk Shield Is Your Best Deep Root Barrier Option

Numerous Options to Meet Most Any Deep Root Barrier Need

Sidewalk Shield comes in 3 different heights to cover a range of tree root depths—18 inch, 30 inch, and 60 inch. It is also 2.0mm thick for the 18 and 30 inch and 2.5mm thick for the 36 inch. Thus, it definitely meets - and in fact, greatly exceeds - the minimum-effective thickness for root barriers that work well.

High-Quality Deep Root Barrier Materials

Sidewalk Shield is made of beefy HDPE-recycled polyethylene plastic that is UV-resistant and has a subterranean longevity of 100+ years. It comes in lengths of between 15 and 300 feet.

Sidewalk Shield’s Design Is Convenient for Any Design

Sidewalk Shield is manufactured and sold in rolls, so it is malleable and easily molds and bends to whatever shape or design is desired. This is a huge benefit since many other deep root barriers come in panels that are inflexible and therefore, don’t easily configure to more daring or circular/curved designs. This doesn’t make a huge difference below ground but on the above-ground protrusion, the straight-line panels won’t always be able to provide the desired aesthetic.

Sidewalk Shield Is Easy to Install

When installing Sidewalk Shield, remember… the purpose of a root barrier is to direct the root growth downward instead of out along the surface where it can do harm to sidewalks, driveways, septic systems, etc. Consequently, you want to position the material in a 10-degree downward slope. The top (portion closer to the soil surface) should be closer to the tree than the bottom. This creates a funnel to direct roots in a downward growth pattern. When installed correctly, Sidewalk Shield should provide great benefit as a tree deep root barrier now and for many years to come.

Where You Can Get Sidewalk Shield

Sidewalk Shield can be purchased conveniently on the Sidewalk Shield website or buy Sidewalk Shield on Amazon.

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